Music, Lyrics, and My Life

I love my music!

Have you ever been listening to the radio or your IPod and a song comes on and completely changes your mood? Music can directly affect how I am feeling at any given time. For instance, this evening I was sitting in line waiting to pick up a prescription at RiteAid when “Smile” by Uncle Kracker came on the radio. I love it because it always makes me happy no matter what kind of mood I am in. I don’t know if you are familiar with this song or not, but one of my favorite lines is, “you’re cooler than the flip side of my pillow”. You’re probably thinking, “Big deal, Ms. B. What’s so great about that?” Think about it though! Have you ever been laying in bed on a hot summer evening and then flipped your pillow over? It’s nice and cool, right?! I just love the way Uncle Kracker used this line to get his point across. There are also some other great lines in there too, but I will let you look those up. 🙂

While we are on the subject of music, do you have a theme song for your life? Mine is “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. Check out the lyrics and see what you think. Is this a good song for me? What is yours?


About Ms. Burroughs

I teach 7th grade language arts at Edwards Middle School. I love anything to do with technology and using it in reading and writing. Learning shouldn't have to be boring nor should the job of teaching. "To me, education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil's soul." ~ Muriel Spark
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3 Responses to Music, Lyrics, and My Life

  1. Torie S says:

    It is a really Depressing tone- Broke, But it enpowers you by chaning it to a confident and stronger tone

  2. Torie S says:

    Ms. B-
    I think that is a great song for you and I also love the song “smile”
    My “theme song” would be -Broken: By Lindsey Haun- I heard it in the movie “broken Bridges” and have loved it ever since, it touches me deeply and reflects how I’ve handled things with my parents splitting, etc.

    • Oooh I don’t know that one!! I will definitely check that one out. I hate to always sound like a language arts teacher, but what kind of mood does it set? Is it uplifting? Sad? Just wondering because, let’s face it, Jar of Hearts is downright depressing! 🙂

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