Spring Break Book Club Guidelines

I will officially start posting questions tomorrow for our Hunger Games Book Club.  There are a few things you need to know to get you started:

1. Any comments or posts will be done under the “Hunger Games Book Club” tab located at the top.  You will need to check the tab daily to see what’s new.

2. When you post a comment, you scroll down to find the space for a reply.  You will enter your email address (this will not show on the blog post), and your name.  IMPORTANT…do NOT use your full name.  Use your first name and last initial (Kalli P.)

3. Although we are online, this is still a classroom, you will need to use proper classroom writing; in other words, do not use IM chat language.

4. Your responses must be in complete sentences and be specific. 

5. If you reply to another blogger, be respectful if you disagree.  Use phrases such as “I see your point, but I believe…”

6. All comments and postings will be approved by me before they are officially posted to blog.

7. Helpful hint-type your response in a word document and save if before you attempt to post it in case the system boots you out.  This way, you won’t have to retype it; you can copy and paste it.

8.  MOST IMPORTANT – have fun with this blog.  Post your own questions and comments.  You don’t need to always wait for me.  🙂


About Ms. Burroughs

I teach 7th grade language arts at Edwards Middle School. I love anything to do with technology and using it in reading and writing. Learning shouldn't have to be boring nor should the job of teaching. "To me, education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil's soul." ~ Muriel Spark
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