Love the supernatural?? Got a book for you!

Time for a book review!!  I just finished reading, “Sam I Am” by Heather Killough-Walden.  If you read any of the Twilight series, you probably will like the first in the October trilogy.  The story revolves around Logan Wright, a high school student whose home life is anything less than pleasant.  As a means of escape, Logan writes – a lot.  She lives another life through her stories, a life that is much safer than the one she has at home – that is, until now.  Now one of her handsome creations has taken on an actual form, the form of Sam Haim, and he wants Logan for himself.  He’s tall, gorgeous, and strong, so what’s the problem with Sam?  For starters, he’s a vampire,  and more imporantly, he wants to take Logan back with him into the world of dead.  It will take Logan, her friends, and the boy of her dreams (Dominic) to save Logan from being taken by Sam.

I loved the story; however, the Goodreads rating was a 3 1/2 stars mostly because readers didn’t like some of the language.  I will agree there is some choice language scattered throughout the book, but I also had to look at the fact it was written through the voice of a high school senior.  Was the language necessary?  Probably not, but it was part of the character, and I was able to overlook it.  I will say this has never been a genre I enjoyed, but I did find myself unable to put this book down and am anxious for the next book in the series, but that isn’t until October.  😦

Oh, by the way, I read this book on my Kindle, so I can’t bring it to school, but if you have a Kindle, it’s only $1 right now!  Well worth every penny and more!


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