Yes, I read another book!

My Kindle has gotten me into trouble.  I have found so many great books that pretty much all I did this weekend was read.  I did manage to get my paper written for my grad class, but I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend of reading which leads me to my next book review.  Ready?

Songs for a Teenage Nomad

Songs for a Teenage Nomad

by Kim Culberston

This story centers around Calle (Callie minus the “i”) who is a highschool freshman and on her 13th school in 8 years.  Yes, I said 13 schools in 8 years.  You can imagine, Calle doesn’t have much stability and rarely if ever makes friends because she is always ready to move on whenever her mom’s latest relationship ends.  It isn’t until she gets Andreas Bay High School, she finally feels like she is home.  Of course there is a cute guy involved, but he has his own problems which makes things all the more complicated.  Calle’s escape from her crazy mother and a wishy-washy guy is her journal.  In it, Calle writes down the title to songs she hears and the memory that goes along with the song, and she has a lot.  After all, when you move 13 times and have gone through almost that many “step-dads”, you tend to pick up some memories along the way.

I won’t tell you anymore because I don’t want to give the whole story away, but I will say this book was a great look at the different groups of students that inhabit a high school.  You may think you know someone because of the group they hang out with, but this story is evidence of the fact you can’t judge someone until you’ve “walked in their shoes”.  The story takes unexpected turns throughout and leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next.  I gave it 5 stars, and most readers on Goodreads agree with me.  This was another book with a great price for Kindle readers – FREE!  Yes, I said free.  Not because it wasn’t good, but because it came out in 2007.  Check it out!  🙂

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