Home Sweet Home!


Yeah!!  We’re back from Savannah, Georgia!  I had a fabulous time with those of you that went, but I sure did miss those of you that stayed!!

I wanted to share some thoughts I had with you regarding our trip to the beautiful city of Savannah because I had quite a few of them.

First, I must tell you that those of you on bus 1 & 2 (those were the buses that travelled together) were fabulous.  I must commend you on your behavior when we went out for our dinners.  It is quite a feat to have 88 of you in a restaurant and have the kind of behavior and maturity that you all showed!  Kudos to you!  Secondly, I so enjoyed watching your excitement when we visited the different places.  I could tell some of you had never been to Savannah before and were really getting the most out of your experience.  This wasn’t my first time there (I have been 6 times!), but even I learned new things during our trip.  For instance, maybe I knew at one time the exact day the Emancipation Proclamation was signed but forgot, so that was fresh information to my ears.  Do any of you remember the day  (5 points extra credit to the first 3 correct answers)?  Another thought about our trip is that there is so much we didn’t see when we were there, and I want to encourage you to go back sometime when you can spend more time exploring the city.  One of the greatest parts of Savannah is the 22 squares, and we didn’t really get to see them!  If you do go back, take a carriage tour that will take you around the squares and tell you their history.  I must warn you though, you need to be able to handle the horse smell, but it is definitely worth the experience and quieter than a trolley tour.  Also, if you ever go back, return to the Cathedral,

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

I could tell some of you really appreciated the beauty and grandeur of the place, but our time really didn’t allow us to stay long enough to really absorb the full impact.

I will say, I wish I had had a camera to capture the look on your faces as we walked in.  The way your eyes got so big and your mouths fell open was priceless and something I will always remember.  It was great to see so many places through “fresh eyes”.  Another place I think you should revisit is the First African Baptist Church.  Some of us tried to hang back and really get a close look at the basement and all its history, but we were shooed out before we could do that.  Go back sometime and

First African Baptist Church

just sit in the basement and think about how much history took place there and what went on below those wooden floors.

Finally, I want to thank my students for letting me share your Savannah experience with you.  Some of you were with me as 6th graders, and I feel extremely blessed I was able to teach you again.  For all my students on the trip, I am so glad I got to be one of the chaperones on the trip.  It was definitely one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken.

To my students who didn’t go with us 😦 , I missed you!  There was many times during the 3 days I wished you were with us.  Did you do some fun things?  I know Ms. Riggleman had planned on giving you a virtual tour of Savannah, did you like it?  What else did you do?  Do share with the rest of us!!

Finally,  I have created a Flickr account to put pictures of our field trip to Savannah.  I’ve included some pictures from my previous trips because I didn’t take as many this time, but I wanted you to see some of the other places we might not have seen.  I have set the albums to private, so you will have to “friend” me.  I had to do this, so the pictures we had of all of you were not visible to the general population for your safety.  Once you have created a Flickr account and friended me, you will be able to see the pictures, tag the pictures, and comment on them.  Please pass this along to anyone not on our team as I took pictures of lots of you!  Also, if you have pictures you want to add to the album, please email them to me at my work email, and I will add them as soon as possible.  Below is the link to the album.



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  1. I’ve added another set of pictures to the Flickr account from the 8th grade dance. Go friend me and check them out!

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