The Countdown Begins


Wow!!  Can you believe there is only 4 days of school left?  Where did our year go?  I know it felt like it was forever in the 1st semester because it seemed like all we did was write, but after we got back from Christmas break, the rest of it seemed to fly by.  Well anyway, you know your sentimental teacher, I started thinking about all that went on this year and thought I would share a few of my thoughts. 

First and foremost, I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have been able to teach so many of you for the second time.  Who knew when I taught you in 6th grade, I would get the honor of doing so again in 8th.  Lucky me!! 🙂  I have loved watching you grow and mature into fine young people.  You have so much promise, and I can’t wait to see what you do with your lives in highschool and beyond – don’t you forget to stay in touch! 

Speaking of maturing, even your crazy teacher did some of that this year.  Yes, I know you’re shocked; you thought I knew everything!  Haha!  What I learned this year was centered around the fact that I did have many of you as 6th graders.  I had to learn to treat you differently because you WEREN’T 6th graders anymore.  I forgot you were 2 years older and ended up treating you as such, so during our Christmas break, I did a little reflecting on my approach.  I got tougher on you when we got back, and if it was hard on you, I’m sorry – truly.  I was doing it for your own good.  High school is hard, and you needed to be prepared.  You didn’t need me treating you like kids just entering middle school.  YOU, my students, taught me a lot this year, and I hope you learned a great deal this year from your teachers as well. 

Now your part.  I want you to do a little reflecting.  This is your last writing assignment from me (you need to contain your excitment 🙂 ).  I want you to think about a few things and answer some questions for me. 

Knowledge and wisdom are 2 different entities.  Knowledge is something you gained this year through your classes with Ms. Clark, Mrs. Franklin, Mr. Stewart, and me, BUT wisdom is something you gain through life experience.  I KNOW you acquired knowledge; your success this year is evidence of that, but I want to know what wisdom you gained, so answer this for me:

  1. What did you learn about YOURSELF this year?
  2. What did you learn about life this year and is your focus for your life different than it was at the beginning of the year?
  3. If you could change anything about this year, what would it be?
  4. What do you hope to accomplish in high school next year?

Finally, I want you to promise not too laugh too hard at me on Thursday when we all say goodbye.  You know I think of you as “my kids”, so watching you move on to the next phase of your life is gonna be tough on me 😦 .  Just be sweet and bring me lots of Kleenex on Thursday.  Love you all and hope your summer is fabulous!


About Ms. Burroughs

I teach 7th grade language arts at Edwards Middle School. I love anything to do with technology and using it in reading and writing. Learning shouldn't have to be boring nor should the job of teaching. "To me, education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil's soul." ~ Muriel Spark
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  1. mardie says:

    Trina, I have also had the good fortune to teach many of my present students in previous years. I agree; what a treat it is to watch students grow, mature, blossom. This post is so lovely. It reflects the close, joyful rapport you share with your students. How wonderful for you, and how lucky they are to have you as their teacher. Thanks for the inspiration.

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