What Happened to…The Last Little Blue Envelope

I finished two books over the weekend, so I am well on my way to finishing my summer reading list.  Notice the title of the post?  It is the combo of the title of the two books I completed, so here goes the reviews.

What Happened to Goodbye? by Sarah Dessen

Mclean Sweet isn’t your average teen.  She has moved 4 times in the last two years.  This is not what makes her different though.  Whenever she moves to a new school, Mclean reinvents herself.  At one school, she is “Miss Popularity” and another she is part of the drama crowd.  I found this to be the most intriguing part of the whole book.  Even though we only get to know Mclean and not her other identities, we get to find out why she reinvents herself.  I was interested because I know when I was young, there were times I thought it would be great to turn around and start somewhere fresh and take on a whole new identity.  Like Mclean, I wished I could start a new school and pretend I had all the confidence in the world because as I have told you before, I was NOT outgoing and pretty shy.  Anyway, I LOVED the book because Mclean finally figures out being her isn’t bad, and the journey to that realization introduces her to some great friends who make her realize she doesn’t want to be anyone other than herself, and she finally finds a place she can call home.  Good read!

The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson

This is the sequel to the book Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes.  Without going into too much detail about the first book, Ginny gets 13 envelopes from her crazy aunt sending her on the adventure of a lifetime, but before she can read the last one, it is stolen.  Months later, she receives an email from a guy named Oliver in England who has the last envelope.  Ginny goes on another adventure to retrieve the last envelope and follow the last instructions left for her by her deceased aunt.  I LOVED this book too because your teacher has never been outside of the states, and she has never thought about going out on an adventure all on her own.  I loved that Ginny was a young girl in high school and found the strength and bravery to go out on this crazy adventure all by herself.  Of course there is a guy involved – one from the first book – and Ginny must figure out if he is really who she thought he was when he sets off on the this adventure with her with his new girlfriend.  Yes, I said he had a new girlfriend.  Ginny was a whole lot nicer than I would have been had this happened to me.  Anyway, definitely another good read, but you MUST read the first book  to get the most out of the story.

I didn’t really tell you a whole lot about the stories because if you checked out the links on my summer reading list, you have already received this information.  If not, I will attach the glog I created again.  Hope you’re enjoying the beginnings of your summer!!


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