“I Know What You Did Last Summer” book review

Remember the movie? This wasn’t it. Okay honestly, I have never even seen the movie because your teacher is sort of a chicken. Anyway, I know this book didn’t resemble the movie because I read an interview at the end of the book with the author, Lois Duncan, and she was commenting how surprised she was when she saw the movie. Apparently, she had no idea what they were doing to her little book. Can you imagine?!

Okay, here’s the deal. The book was originally published in 1973. Yes, I said it. 1973. I was only 3 years old!! Stop laughing. I know I’m old as dirt. The story goes that 4 high school kids, Helen, Julie, Ray, and Barry, were at a mountain park having a picnic. They had been drinking and smoking. They started home late that night, were not paying attention, driving too fast and out of nowhere, a boy on a bicycle was in front of them, and they ran him over. Julie, who comes across as the most together one of the four, immediately wants to stop; however, Barry keeps driving away because he is the one who was no longer a minor and was drinking and driving. No matter what Julie says, she cannot convince her boyfriend, Ray, or the others to go back. Ray makes a phone call to the police to report the accident but never leaves any names. They make a pact to never talk about the incident again. Julie drops her friends, Ray leaves and wanders California, Helen drops out of school (do NOT do that) when she gets a job at the t.v. station, and Barry is just a conceited, two-timing jerk who uses Helen because she is hot and has a great job and apartment. This goes on for a year with no one the wiser to what transpired that fateful night. Ray finally comes back from California just in time for all of them to start getting messages that someone knows EXACTLY what they did last summer. The guys don’t really believe anything is wrong until Barry gets shot and from there, they are all in danger. I won’t tell you anymore though. I will say this, I found the book to be a little odd, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I realized once I read the interview, the book had been originally published in 1973 and rewritten to be more current. This explained some of the weirdness. All in all, I liked the book. It wasn’t as good as “Killing Mr. Griffin”, but it was good. 3 1/2 * is what I give the book.


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