2 for 1 Book Review!!! “Fateful” and “Fractured” by Cheri Schmidt

Remember my summer reading list?  Well you know I have been working my way through and then some.  One of the books I had listed, “Fateful” was read while I was at the beach, and it was so good, I went ahead and read the 2nd in the series, “Fractured”, so this will be a 2 for 1!!  🙂

I will say first the first book was a surprise for me because it took a direction I had not anticipated.  I knew it would be a romance (Duh!  Look at the cover), but it turned out to be….wait.  Let me back up.  I want to be more professional about this.

Danielle has traveled to England (this seems to be a theme in my choice of books) to attend an art school college.  She is living with her cousin, aunt, and uncle.  While attending school, Danielle hopes to meet her “Mr. Darcy” (see Pride and Prejudice) because she hasn’t had much luck with those American guys.  Guess what?  She does meet her Mr. Darcy; however, Ethan (as he is named) is more than just a mortal man. He is a vampire. This was NOT what I expected because nothing I read about the book gave me any indication this was to be of the supernatural “Twilight” genre. I did love the book though because it was quite romantic even the characters embraced the notion of “saving yourself for marriage”. This may have had to do with the fact that Ethan was from another time when this was what was expected, but Danielle was not, and she still chose this path. The author did not leave out the romantic parts of the two teens relationship – it was there. The book touched on the difficulty of waiting for marriage, but it also takes the two through a crazy roller coaster ride as they try to figure out how to make an immortal/mortal relationship work.  On top of their romantic struggle, Danielle has a vampire who seems to be relentless in his pursuit of her, and Ethan has to do everything in his power to protect her.  How does this end up working out you ask?  Well…..

After Danielle cures Ethan of the age-old curse of the vampire (insert *gasp*), it appears she and Ethan have either angered vampires who are not happy about the cure, or Danielle is now pursued by other vampires who want her to cure THEM.  Amongst all of this danger, the love Danielle and Ethan have for each other is as strong as ever, but waiting until they marry** for the intimacy of husband and wife is becoming increasingly difficult. Can they survive the army of vampires who are hunting for them? The story has dramatic twists and turns and parts that made me cry 😦  (you know I’m a softy), but I love a good romance, and “Fractured” did not disappoint.

They were both phenomenal books, and the best part is there is a 3rd in the series. Woohoo!   I can’t wait! How much longer??!!

**There is a wedding which is awesome!!


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