The end is always bittersweet….

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2

Have you seen the previews?  Have you seen the news coverage of all the crazy people who went at midnight on Friday, July 15th for the opening of the final movie in the Harry Potter series?  Well guess what!!??  I was one of those crazy people.  No, I didn’t dress up in wizard gear – I went as a muggle. 🙂  Now I know you have heard me say many, many times I am not fond of movies based on books (remember the whole Twilight thing?), but I HAD to go.  Was someone forcing me?  Well, not really, but I had a very good reason.  It all starts back in 1997 when the first book came out, and it was then that I began to read the Harry Potter series to my son Christian, who was in 1st grade.  Flash forward to 2011 and the very last of the Harry Potter movies and my son is now a senior in high school, and ….. you

Christian and I at HP7prt2

understand.  So you might be wondering, “How was it?”  It was excellent.  It was everything and more.  Not all of the movies in the Harry Potter series have been as wonderful as the books, but this was perfect, and I can only hope J.K. Rowling is proud of the final result.  My boys and I sat in a


theater packed full of people who were completely silent during the intense scenes and who would also simultaneously breakout into cheers and applause when something good would happen.  I have never been a part of a movie experience quite like it, and the entire night is something I will remember forever.  I strongly urge you to see the last movie.  It was worth the $$ and worth being extremely tired the next day because we didn’t get home until 3:30 am, and who knows!!  You may see your crazy teacher at the movie again….it was THAT good. 

Braedon and I at HP7prt2

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