The Door to…..

photo by Ubeda flandes

There is a story behind this door. 

What is it?

For 15 extra credit points, tell the story.  Let your imagination run wild!  Is the story of the door mysterious, scary, sad?  Remember, use LOTS of details.  Good writers can make their readers feel like they are a part of the story.

About Ms. Burroughs

I teach 7th grade language arts at Edwards Middle School. I love anything to do with technology and using it in reading and writing. Learning shouldn't have to be boring nor should the job of teaching. "To me, education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil's soul." ~ Muriel Spark
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32 Responses to The Door to…..

  1. Jalen D2 says:

    What I think is behind the door is a big hairy dog that every one thinks that it is mean but once you open the door the dog growls and licks you. The dog is mean at first because it is waiting for the poodle who killed his mom.

  2. Kennedy G 2 says:

    On my way back to my time, I was feeling good. I reached for the knob, then I felt a cold streak flow through my body…..SOMETHING was wrong! i slowly opened the door, then…..there was nothing. NOTHING! Not a speck of anything……only white everywhere. I pinched myself, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I pinched myself OVER and OVER and OVER again, what was going on. “I wonder if I’ve been in that time dimension too long!?” I slowly whispered. then, everything went black.

  3. Kayla S says:

    Behind the bright green door was an old lady in a well chair that looked like my grandmother.The streets were made of gold and had jewels.Befor i opened this door all i could remember was i was riding my bike and i saw a big truck i fell asleep then i heard sirens and i saw my mom saying its ok honey……..Then i just appered here.could it be am i in heaven is this real……..

  4. brandyionnal3 says:

    It was dark, scary, and a lonely night at home. I was alone and I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to turn the water on but couldn’t feel the knob. Some how I managed to move the whole knob and I grabbed the knob. I was curious to turn on the water afaid that something might come uout of the water. So I started to back up away from it. But then I said I was day dreaming, but i wasn’t so i just got out of the bathroom an left it alone.

  5. ReynaldoF 3 says:

    I stumbled a crossed an image of a fascinating door the other day. This of course led me on a search for others. As I study each one, I began to wonder what stories lay behind each one… where were they, who lived behind them. Were the lives they opened on to, filled with laughter and happiness. Were there lovers meeting behind them or families or were there hidden secrets tucked away.

  6. Salas S. says:

    It was dark, scary, and lonely night. I was alone and i was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to open the door but i couldn’t feel my arms. Some how I managed to move my whole arm and i grabbed the handle. As i turned it my animal Instincts went into tiger mode. When i opened it I ran but i couldn’t see anything. I tripped over something but i didn’t know what it was, but it smelled bad. When I found a switch i turned it on. Lights turned on and all I saw is dead bodies. I freaked out but something inside of my told me that i wasn’t alone. I had a feeling that something was watching me when i turned around i saw something very scary…. I saw a……. SQUIRREL!! He was eating the dead bodies. I ran as fast as a I can but he was fast and he had better agility than me. I tripped over his nuts. I grabbed the first thing i could hold and i threw it at him. He fell with a THUMP. I walked over there to see if he died and i kicked it to make sure. I found a phone and called the cops. When the cops came they didn’t find the squirrel. I told them that he was right there but then i paused….. I freaked out and ran away. That was the last time anybody saw me and the deadly squirrel.

  7. Hector C. 7 says:

    As i open the mysterious door all i see is light, light that is really powerfull that i can hardly open my eyes. When i stared for a while i could’nt tell what it was. Until till the brightness of the light went down i looked and saw a new world where everything was perfect. When i say a perfect, new world, i mean a world where everything is the way i would want it to be; cool, beautiful, mysterious, world. The world of soccer!

  8. melissa s. says:

    I believe behind the door is freedom. I feel this way because the light illuminates the door, and it opens up to the world that the person has been missing.

  9. Christopher M. says:

    It was as black as the night sky when I was running. Running as fast as I can in the dark, until I saw a light. It got closer and closer. I finally walked up to it and opened a door. What I saw was beautiful. The prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. I said to myself, “Am I dreaming, or is this real?”

  10. Marissa C. 6 says:

    Right when I opened this black,obvious door, I realized it was only a door to another door.Thinking that this time could be different, it was ANOTHER door.I was angry, as you could imagine wondering what it could lead too.!!Finally I opened the humungous third door infront of me…it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.. where dinosaurs canfly freely:)

  11. villanueva,J:) says:

    As I open the door. I thought this was a dream but unfortually it was not.I was so curious what was behind that door.So i managed to move my hand to the door knob.I opened the door and i saw a lots of cool things such as;chickens,soccerballs,squierls,and alot of vines.I was so amazed to see all of this things. I thought this was a new world.:)

  12. vicente .m says:

    I saw a big, black, and mysterious door.I was so curious I just really wanted to open it. So I got closer and opened it.It was so awsome in there. Later on when seing all the sweat animals and everything so colorful and peaceful,I realized it was the door to heaven!!!!

  13. AnijiaW.6 says:

    There was a boy that was killed by a drunk driver. He had white hair and eyes so silver that when you looked into them you were instantly mesmerized. He was walked home down sandy lane where he lived. As he quickly tried to run across the road, a drunk driver hit him. BOOM! He was instantly killed. By morning, every one was looking for the boy. All they found where his bloodied sneakers. As soon as he was killed, he was transported to heaven. He came across a creaky old wooden door. It was broken in places and damaged, but he felt that it had something peaceful about it. He opened the door and was almost blinded by a white light. He had finally appeared in heaven. THE END! 🙂

  14. Johnny E,3rd says:

    As I Opend the door everything went white and,nobody was there but me.I kept walking until Iwas in another demensions and then they helped me amd I then became one of them but I was still a human being until I saw another female being that was a female!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ASHLEY F3 says:

    I was at home and a man came out of the closet and tried to cut my head off. I was so scared that i went in the kitchen and got a pan and hit him in his head. The monster was so ugly he made me laugh, and he started to cry. Then i said stop crying and he cut off my foot and he ate it all up, and i died with one foot. My mom came in with a shot gun and blew his head clean off his shoulders. Then i never saw him again.

  16. megan w says:

    one day i was walking and of cors i was with my bestie joe and we ran into this large door in the middle of no where so we talked a little about if we were gana go in or just walk away well we sayed we were gana find out what was behind the crippy door so he when first and opend the door at first everything was white then we keep going and it became verry beutifule there was flowers,trees birds, and a huge beutiful watterfall we decided to leav and come back to maro when we came back the door was gone we looked for it for days but we never saw it agen

  17. Datrevis s says:

    As i was walking down the hall the mysterious opened. Noises were coming from every were i could see. A man step out the door with a brief case. The man was wearing a mysterrious lab coat. As he walked by me, he didnt see me so i jumed out and said boooooooooo. Then i woke up.

  18. AustinP 3 says:

    Behind the doors im standing in front of, the world ends as you know it. Creatures and Places are there, beyond your wildest dreams. As I enter the door, my adrinelin starts to rush and, my heart starts to pound. I have heard of many folktales about the door ,but never had the courage to enter at my own risk. When I have walked through the door everything that has ever crossed my mind shows up infront of me. Two heades Dragons wth Eight eyes and Thirty Seven Legs. Dear God help me as I walk through the doors…………………………..

  19. sharod says:

    behind that door is an world of peace and love where there is no bullying………..but the door is still unopend locked with no key

  20. diana p says:

    When I was walking in the woods in the evening, I saw a big brown door. I was curious to open the door, so I got closer and closer to the door. Afther I opened the door I saw everything so bright ;it was full of trees and animals. As i walked towards in there more I noticed that the animals were’nt just normal animals, they were animals that could talk, I was scared because I had never seen nor heard animals talk before. I walked more in and I saw another big door,but this time when I opened the door I didnt see the same thing. i was in the other door,this time when i opened the door I saw that there was nothing there but a BIG!!!!!! hole that at the bottom was all hot fire.I was so scared that i might fall in it, so i just ran back and got out of the both doors..

  21. JOSE says:

    As I was running away from a enormous and dark demon I saw a mysterious door , so I opened the door. As I opened it , a very bright light shined all over the place. I had a very good feeling. I noticed that it wasn’t just any ordinary door: it was a pass to a very glamorous place. I felt like I was in heaven. Everything was really beautiful. There were large and healthy trees, stunning rivers, and lakes. All the animals are healthy and lovely.

  22. Gerardo says:

    As she open the big, black, mysterious door she noticed that there was a huge monster. It was horrible because she was, so scared. That she thought that the monster was going to eat her. She was dreaming, and she was sweating a lot because she was dreaming a horrible dream . Then she woke up yelling and scared. Then her parents came and hug her, so her parents told her that it was just a horrible dream, so she stoped crying.

  23. richard says:

    as i open the door the world ends and know one is here it is scary,drak,lonely.
    i look to my side and i see a huge monster staring at me i was
    really sacerd.

  24. Madison C.3 says:

    This door is symbolic in so many ways in my point of view. Like the simplistic structure is symbolism of innocence. The light shining through is symbolic for purity or the light of Christ. What I gather is this door is symbol for a child raised in a church. In others it can be seen as a middle eastern family’s home

  25. destinee says:

    As she open the door she see that world is gone and it has come to a end nobody is here to talk to everybody is gone. So she see a men coverd in darkness he was behind the door of darkness. So she started to run so he followed her then she herd a BIG RAWWWWW noise!!.. Then she turn around and realized that it was that men that was coverd in darkness from the door of darkness!!..

  26. somaya h says:

    While she was running away from a mad demon that was messing around with her and her family. She found a door it wasnt just a regular door it had light behind it. She opened it and found a tons of light. She closed it and looked back to see where the demon was. It was coming faster than a mustang. So she just decided to go out to the mysteryest place. It was the best thing she did. As she fell she woke up. It was sweating so much. She was very glad to wake up after that experience.

  27. keundre r says:

    As he open the big blue door the world around him vanished.All was covered in darkness and not a human in sight all behind the door was death and destruction he realized that unleashed a vial plaque apon the world as he stood in shock he heard a loud RAWWWWR outside he saw what he realized one of the 7 beast of the pandora’s door

    • Ray says:

      As I opend the door everything and everyone disappeared. It was dark, scary, and lonely night. On the other side of the door was horrorous growl, as I looked to see what it was, it is a humongous monster staring at me into my eyes.

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