I’m Watching….

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Write from the point of view of the man standing in the door.  You should write in 1st person and talk about what you see, feel, hear, etc.  Be creative!


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I teach 7th grade language arts at Edwards Middle School. I love anything to do with technology and using it in reading and writing. Learning shouldn't have to be boring nor should the job of teaching. "To me, education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil's soul." ~ Muriel Spark
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5 Responses to I’m Watching….

  1. jalen d says:

    O there’s the guy that I hate. He used to bully me when I was in school. Now I might have to take his life by burning his house with this lantern I have . Man i just want to kill him right now but I cant because I might hurt the other people in this apartment so I just have to kill him when all the other people go to the festival that’s being held tomorrow, then I will kill him. Muahaha

  2. dasja says:

    As I laid in my bed, I’m in the dark, can’t see a thing. I felt as if I was being watched like a hawk after a mouse. As I turned to the right side of my bed, not making a single sound, I looked in my mirror and I saw a tall figure in the dim light coming from the hallway. I couldn’t make out the strange figure, but I saw that it was tall, bald headed, with glowing hazelnut eyes and the smell of mens’ cologne. I was scared to the point where my body trembled and the sound of my heart was beating into my ears. I laid there just as quiet as a mouse. Not even the sound of my breath left my mouth. Finally, the figure was out of sight, but I still held on to the feeling of its haunting presence. My fear is that this is only the beginning.. .

  3. Danette T. 7 says:

    Zzzzzzzz! That’s the sound of the man sleeping. As I look in and watch him, he sleeps peacefully. I sit and wait for him to wake up and be terified by what he sees and when he sees me. I guess he forgot what he did and now when he wakes I will disappear, but I WILL come back and get my revenge. I waited for days but nothing happened. All that happenend was that he slept, after a while I no longer heard snoring, and I often got hungry, came back and he was still the same way. So later that night, I decided to go in, and when I did I discovered that the man was dead! I was so suprised, shocked, and now I felt really bad! But still remember that I’M WATCHING YOU!!!!

  4. Salas S. says:

    Look at him. He took everything away from me. I’m supposed to be in that bed, in this house, with that family! I want him to leave.. leave forever. At three in the morning I’m going to get rid of him. Then I will have my life back together. I walk to the chair next to his desk. I noticed a list. I unfolded it and it said #1 Steal best friend’s family, #2 Gain their trust, #3 decapitate the whole family except best friend. I got up without saying a word, grab the ax from the basement, and I walk up towards him. I whisper to myself “You were my best friend , we known each other since second grade and this is how u treat me?!” I swing and slices his throat. He slowly goes to sleep. I throw the ax on the ground and I wake up the family. I explained everything to the family and i showed them the list. I move in with them and we move to California. (keep your friends closer but your enemies closer) =D

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