In The Clouds

Have your ever seen the movie “The Fog” or “The Mist”?  I’ve seen both, so when I saw this picture, I thought it would be an awesome journal prompt.  There is NO telling what is behind that cloud!  What do you think?  Remember to use sensory details and for good measure, see you if you can work some figurative language into your journal writing.


About Ms. Burroughs

I teach 7th grade language arts at Edwards Middle School. I love anything to do with technology and using it in reading and writing. Learning shouldn't have to be boring nor should the job of teaching. "To me, education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil's soul." ~ Muriel Spark
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61 Responses to In The Clouds

  1. kaylas says:

    When he bob had climbed the amazing mountain no one lived to tell the story. People did live but they just never came back. Bobs dad had climbed the mountain and found peace that is why he never came back, Beautiful white brown and pink houses. A wonderful view of the blue, gray, and green ocean. It was a wonderful place where anyone can go and live. The name of this island is Gololagose Island. This island is a tropical island that everything is perfect, even the people. So bob never left ether and he lived a tropical perfect life.

  2. Marco,C 7 says:

    I can’t believe I ever trusted that pilot!! Sure half of the accident was my fault, but still, he should have been paying attention to the skies not what I was doing in the back.When he looked back and saw me putting on a parachute, he sprinted out of his chair( forgetting to switch on the auto pilot) to stop me from jumping. The plane began to tilt, so the pilot started going back to his seat,but before he could seat down the aircraft crashed into a strange, creepy, fogged up giant cliff. As I jumped for my life into an ebony mountain, I noticed that a fast moving creature had just taking down a mountain lion. When I reached the bottom of the mountain the fog wafted in the air, and I knew that this was a placed not to tinker with.
    As I began to search for the shore for it was a very, very giant mountain, I found some strange creatures and birds, as if it was a cretaceous Island of some kind. I kept going straight and away from the crash for the animals may already know of this, for they seem aware. At the first night fall I came across a rabbit, and by my encounters, it seemed to be only one of the few who live here, for many of them had been consumed by predators. I cooked the rabbit and ate only half, and saved the rest for the next day for I will not make it out of here tonight, even though I will be continuing with my search for the shore.
    The first night wasn’t so bad, in a place like this you’d expect to see more creatures at night than in the morning, but it seem rather safe. I still couldn’t get conferable with the smell of manure, or with all this fog that I could barely see through. Hours later as I heard the sound of rushing water, I lingered to the seen, finally I had made it to the shore of the island! The only problem I hadn’t thought of was: “how will I get out of here with no bout?!” I was stranded in this island for ever, or at least until someone would rescue me, which I wouldn’t count on, but for now I better start making a shelter.

  3. Randy P. says:

    When the man climbed he excpected to see a green and black potato. So the man was very exstatic to be climing. Finally when the man came to the top of the mountain, he did not see anything. At first, but then he looked on the ground an saw a beatiful golden delicious apple. when the man took a bite of the apple his taste buds was filled with delight and fasination. then the man proudley walked down the big mountain and enjoyed his apple with kindness.

  4. S.Key says:

    He kept climbing and climbing,their neaver was a end.Then,after 10 minutes of climbing,he finally made it.Not knowing where he was,which was the top of the mountain,which was foggy and cloudy.He couldn’t see so he kept on walking.Then,finally,the fogg disappered,their was jesus and god holding hands,reaching out for his.He couldn’t believe it ,he made it to heaven!

  5. melissa s says:

    As he climbed the steep and treacherous hills to the apex of the mountain, all he saw was the thick gray and white clouds that filled the top of the moutain. As soon as he entered he saw a bright red light that illuminated the cave with the sound of drums beating so loudly that will make you deaf. As he walked he saw a tribe of people called the Yovitx that were having a monthly ceremomy for their ruler. When they saw him they made a yodeling noise to aware everybody else that there was an intruder, he had became terrified and told the ruler why he was there. After they heard his reason he stayed with them for the next couple of hours, later to become ruler of the tribe.

  6. joshua h says:

    I slowly walk twords the fog wornding what it holds as I walk in i hear somthing then I relize im on the outher side. And I become nerves because I relize im stranded.

  7. Mariah H. says:

    He climbed, and climbed.. It took longer than he had thought. His hands were covered in scratches and his body was sore, but he continued to climb. Tired and exhausted, the man makes his way to the top of the cliff. He sees nothing but a giant fog. All he could hear was the sound of waves hitting rocks. He walks and tries to look for what was behind the cloud. He wanted to be the first person to see what was behind the cloud since no one had ever made it to the top of this mysterious, cloud covered cliff. There’s not a living soul on the top of the cliff. Several hours pass, and the man still finds nothing. He knows that it will be dark soon. He became worried because he knew he had no food and nothing to drink. Then he realizes that he will be stuck on top of the cliff, forever…..

  8. Emily P says:

    He tied his boat off and started to climb the cliffs. He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the clouds, but still he climbed. Once he stepped into the fog there was a loud uproar coming from a distance. He cautiously ambled across the cold, moist rock were a gigantic turtle was eating a bug salad. It was the most unusually and coolest thing he had ever seen. But then the turtle started to speak to him. ” Who dares to enter the world of my fog?” said the turtle. ” John Parsley”said the man. “I do not mean to cause any harm”. And before you knew it they were laughing and sharing storys on the magical island of fog.

  9. melissa s. says:

    He kept climbing and climbing,butstill their was no end.So, he climbed for about 10 more minutes,then,finally,he got to the top.Not knowing where he was,he was at the top of the mountain.The mountain was so foggy and cloudy that he couldn’t see.He kept endingup in places he didn’t know of,so he walked for 5 minutse then,out of a sudden,he saw jesus and god holding hands,and reaching their hands out for his.He couldn’t believe it,he made it to heaven!

  10. kolbie c. says:

    as i climb up to the mountian i see a lot of clouds.can i live in the clouds.what will i eat.i dont need to worry about that i just need to keep climbing and dont look down.i hope a man can get some decect food.i hope some one find me up here. i know how what i can do get a stick and write sos in the clouds.

  11. selene A. says:

    I have been climing for a very long time now it so cold it feels like im in a ice box. Its smells salty, I can hear the waves crash into the island. The heavy wind like a hurricane blow me down, but I keep walking. I hear strange noises like theres a evil thng following me. I looked back in fright but nothing was there, I paused for a quick second and listen. Then out of no where a voice said, ” Get out of here or you’ll be sorry!” I was terrified, and started running as fast as I could.i reached at the top the fog was so thick I could barely see anything. I walk futher and I saw nothing the voice grew angyer, and then somthing pushed me i keep rolling till i fell in the ocean.” I told you, you’ll be sorry. ” I screamed for my life in terrior.I told myself that i would never go back there again. That place was haunted, evil, and creepy.

  12. Jazlyn G. (: says:

    As he climbed the large,silver,foggy mountain ,he realized something wasn’t right. He stopped in his tracks for a second and thought about what could be wrong, why he was feeling the way he did, what was about to happen. He told himsef that he was just frieking himself out “nothings wrong” he repeated quietly to himself as he continued to climb. He was almost at the top when all of a sudden a large dark figure came from emerged from the fog, it was a large a Grizzly Bear. It scared him so much that he almost fell off the mountain, a three mile drop. The bear heard the noise and turned around to see the man on the side of the mountain. The bear was curious, he went to see what the masterious thing was on the side of the mountain was. The fog made things difficult. The man thought that in order to save himself he should loosen the rope little by little so he could slowly ease down the mountain. The bear was approaching quickly. He began to loosen the rope faster. The bear could no longer see him, so he decided to go back and do what he was doing before the man had came and desturbed him. The man safely reached the bottom and said he would never return to the foggy mountain again.

  13. HeCtOr C. says:

    Scary, Amazing, Strange!
    Behind this big giant cloud there is a totally new world. What do i mean by this?
    well, this is where the evil rules and to tell you about the master, you dont even want to be close to that cloud and ill tell you why. Years ago there had been many errors that were made, many evil monsters came to our world in the year 555. This monsters came from totally other different planets but they contacted each other leader of there planet and wanted to change our world “EARTH”. When they had arrived they realized that they did’nt like a thing about this world and then they decided to change things up. After they had made the decisions on what was gonna be done, they realized that they needed a master. There master was gonna be chosen from a battle between every other master from each other planet, so ofcourse there was going to be someone to get that place and master P’rosti’ got to win that great fight. Years passed and master P’rosti’ decided that he would make a portal to his planet by leaving the opening behind that enormous cloud. Now on days if you ever get close to that cloud and you are not one of the ones who belong in the other planet, make sure you have said good-bye before going there because trust me you won’t come back homealive!

  14. Dylan B. says:

    As he climbed the thought cept crepping in his head. “No one has made it”, “No one has made it”.It repeated over and over.”What if i dont make it either”. But he cept climbing. He couldnt see ahead of him. Only mist. But he didnt need to see. He just cept climbing……….
    “What is up here”? he wondered. The islanders mainland say that spirits dwelm in its clouds. But that was just superstiton……. right? He didnt know what time it was. It must of been hours since he landed. But it was getting dark he would have to stop soon. Then he heard it. It was the sound a car engine makes just before it turns over. He was scared but he didnt stop. Maybe he just thought he heard it. But thats what they all say. In every stupid little horror story the character always “thinks” he hears something. That thought really creeped him out. What if this was just another stupid little horror story

  15. courtney p says:

    I have seen both movies “The Fog” and “The Mist”. There accually very good movies. “The fog” is about where the dead comes back and kills every thing in it’s past.On the other hand some people try to git away. Two of these people try to stop the fog and the do. “The Mist” is about this big spider or it looks like a spider. Although these people are in the store and they see fog and one of the people goes out and they don’t come back in, then the people see’s what’s wronge, then this big ugly thing came to the front door and tries to brake in the store and everyone started to scream and run to the back of the store!!!!!!

  16. Danette T. says:

    I climbed. I had no idea what I was going to find, but I still climbed with alacrity, anxious to find out. I finally saw what looked like a bright white light, so I started climbing toward it. I finally reached the top, and I saw the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life. It had chrystal clear blue water, and palm trees. I was so glad that I found this place. I yelled for my cohort to come here so, so she climbed up very fast. I was glad I we were using bravado to come check this place out. It looked like a beach, and we were so amazed that we wanted to stay there forever. We ambled around the place for a little while, and then decided that we couldn’t stay there forever, so, we just went home after a while. We were still in shock from that we didn’t want to tell anyone. No wonder no one lives on to tell the story, because they were in so much shock at the amazing view that they saw. It was like we were dreaming, but it wasn’t a dream, it was real.

  17. Anonymous says:

    WOW ! THIS IS AMAZING !! up here is such a different life for me. There so much things i could see that ive never seen befor. The veiw is fabulious!! , kinda hard too see wit all the coluds in way, but still the best, and you cant imagine how sleep is up here ! the clouds feel like nice soft cotton candy , and what so good about it is that you dont even fall through them ! its the best feeling you could ever feel. Life in the clouds is the place you would want too be to relax. ” lol ” (laugh out loud)

  18. jose a says:

    After all that climing he gets to the top of the cliff.He sees nothing but clouds.So he goes deep in the clouds and he sees a beautifull island.There is a nice jungle hotel.There is also monkeys and humans.the best part is that the guuy find a beautifull young woman and merries her and he live his own wonderfull life. THE END…….

  19. a wells says:

    he saw a beauitful forest with alot of animals and trees and a village and he chose to live there forever and teach the village children math and stuff.

  20. diana p says:

    As a old man was sailing on the oceans he got tierd of sailing because the ocean was just so long ,It was like it kept going on with no stop.He was tired , but he was’nt finna stop so he kept on going.Then he saw a big gray rock and on top of that rock there was a big cloud.And that he saw that he was cerious to see what was behind that cloud so he kept on sailing and when he got their he saw that their was a big house , but it wasn’t normal people that lived their it was people that were part human and part animals ,he was so suprised that it was like if he got frozed in that could cloud.Then he got so afraid that he sailed out that ocean fast,it was like if he didnt even remeber how tierd he was ,all he new was that he had to get away from there but fast before something really harmful will happen to him.

  21. Jesus V. says:

    Amazed,wonder, curious.I wonder whats in those clouds.I think its god!Nahh it cant be! Im not so sure whats in those clouds, if u really want to know lets go.Sure why not? So 2days passed i think we are almost there! Yea my splin hurts.As they were heading up to the top of the mountain they heard a strange voice from up those clouds.They heard as if a heard of clouds were rushing down the mountian up top.I dont think it’s save up there we must go down. “I came up to see what it is and i want to know what it is now im not leaving till i know whats up here now lets move”,said the curious dude. There were finally on the top of the mountian wow!its just pure air clouds and pure nothing!I say lets go back down before this mountian collapse. But, i really thought something special was here. Well you know what they say special things can happen in special places,well we better get heading down before i give you something special with my fist. Well alright lets go!
    The End:)

  22. Gerardo r says:

    I think that behind that cloud is a different world with different people, and different types of food. The people that live there are quiet, and peaceful with no problems. Everything in that world is very different from our world. For example they don’t have any cars or any kind of transportations, and different kind of clothes.

  23. Angelique P. says:

    Silence…He couldn’t hear one sound,but he contiued to climb into the cloud of grey. Something told him there was something in those clouds mabye it was his guts mabye his own instinct,wasn’t sure but he wasn’t letting no cloud scary him. BOOM! A loud crack almost like thunder filled his ears. He looked up but all he saw was smoke. He finally reached the top of the cliff. He screamed and then silence. For that wicked monster in the smoke had killed the poor boy.

  24. richard says:

    after wards he went on to the mountainThe smokey fog, so powerful. I was shaking . so as he reached the top I could still see his shadow up there. He is becoming to close to thy fog, it’s my turn to interfere. No one, I say no one will see my fog!

  25. Sammy s. says:

    He climbed untill he got to the clouds. He reminded himself that he is doing this so he could find that special girl, he is doing this for love. After he entered the clouds he knew that he wouldn’t see another human being or another living thing after this climb. He started tearing and started walking upwards. He got on his knees and said “Dear lord on my knees can you hear my prayers ,is she really out there I need to know cause my whole life ive searched the whole world looking for that special girl!” He found a stick and poked at this unusual cloud. It was glowing with light. A voice wispered to him and said ” Come towards the light, my Son.” He did what the voice told him to. He went blind for a minute. When he opened his eyes he saw a man. The man told him ” Come here my Son.” He went towards him and he said ” Who are you?” The man said ” Im Jesus.” The man freaked out and he knew he was dead. Jesus explained what has happened to him and how he died. The man understood what he was saying and was glad he was in Heaven then be on Earth looking for that special girl….. ❤

  26. k. Rias says:

    As he climbed the the foggy moutian he saw to red gleaming eyes.He stood in shock something was watching him. Just as he blink the eyes disappeared could it just have been a trick of the eyes. “yes”. he said. Even though he tried to hide it he new somthing was watching him . Could the legends have been true ? was the island really haunted? Just as he blink i agian the eyes got closer and closer then a hideous face popped out the the dark fog the lengends were true just then he trie dto run but he was surround he was on his knees when the fogg attacked the man belongs to the island now.

  27. A Henderson says:

    Oh my GOD.!! I say to myself.My soul is so cold ,that my breath gives me chills.My skin is white as this huge cloud above. I cant even see the sun anymore or even it’s radiant glow.Oh it’s glow that used to give me warmth.There’s nothing in the clouds, but the gusty wind and dusty trees.Oh Please!Please!Please! Someone rescue me!

  28. Barron, E says:

    As i climb this enormous cliff, lots of thoughts were running through my mind. Those thoughts made me feel even more excited and eagered to reach where the big white, puff of fog, and discover what hid inside the wonder of clouds. “Few more steps” i said to myself. As i was consintrating to not dangerously fall, when i least expected, i was there. Four more steps and i’ll enter the white misterious cloud. I was more happier than ever! I took a deep breath, and steped inside.(Gasp) I can barely see! There is too much soft, fuffy white cloud everywhere that i can barely see where im going. The question “Would i fall if i take one more small step?” kept coming through my mind. “Oh no! Where is East? Where is West? Help meee!!!”

  29. imanib6 says:

    He continued his journey to find what is really behind the cloud.Since nobody was going to tell him what was behind the clouds he had to find out himself.As he groaned and complained to his own concious he finally made it after 2 years of climbing he finally made it.When he made it to the top of the mountain all he could do was fall to the ground and go to sleep.With a loud crashing noise he abruptly awaken from his slumber.He was confused about where he was at and how he arrived.All he saw was a bright light and people with wings walking.He thought he was dreaming so he pinched his skin and watched as the pale pigment of his skin turn pink .

  30. MarissaC6 says:

    I tied my boat off and started to climb the cliffs. I knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud, but still I climbed. All of a sudden, the clouds started moving faster and faster. There! I saw it! It was PARADISE. Everyone was dancing, having an amazing time, and there was any food you could imagine. Suddenly, my life flashed before my eyes of how my life could be if I went & stayed there. I quickly hopped over the cliff and joined everyone else.

  31. Reynaldo F. says:

    It’s very cold and foggy, and i dont have my sweater, but i don’t care im on a boat. Being carried to something i always dreamed of. The smell of the ocean wafted around my nose, making me anxious. So i yell hurry it up. To the man who is rowing the boat. Finally, we reached i start running towards the rock. I’m climbing the rock already. Not worring about my saftey. i reach the clouds, scared to see whats behind them. i walk through and a cold brezze hits my face. Then corn dogs start falling out of the sky. Yes! thats all i wanted, my dream come true.!

  32. Thalia T says:

    He climbed and climbed until he came upon a stairway. A long stairway, full of weird markings. As he went further along the path he became more and more interested to what he would find. When he made it to the top there was music playing. It made the man fell as if he were wafting torwards it, even making him sleepy. When the man woke up he was surrounded by people of all ages. He didn’t speak their language but he understood “this man invaded our place, he should be executed”, said the leader of the group holding a long bright collored torch. The man layed there without being able to move a muscle…, he cared for his life..

  33. brad.a says:

    I climbed so far i did not want to look back i got scared. i saw some huge birds. fly around so i stayed low and kept walking. it started geting foggy. then boom boom a t.rex live in my face i wanted scream like a scrazy girl then i thought im a man ya. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the t.rex goes. then i thought mabye i should scream and run ya so i ran as far as my little feet can care me. ahh i fell in a hole it was a night mare i should have listen to t.c and let him take the risk. agh im at the buttum of the hole there 3 tunles which one should i take hmmm. what would t.c do hm. he would geuse or ask ms.clark lefts call here ring ring ms.clark which tunle should i take she the left one and not to call her it”s a big ape wat know……………… to be cuntinue

  34. Austin P says:

    My entire body is shaking; Im truly scared for my life. It was the annual exotic vacation for myself. I was flying in my private jet and I spotted a pulchritudinous island. I got eager and landed immediately; I felt errie in the stranded cloud of Mt. Jurgeenia. I made a makeshift Campfire and pitched my tent. Suddenly
    movement at 6oclock.Then the smell of blood, sweat, and tears wafted in the midnight sky.I turned around and I saw black outlined natives starring at me. I yell, “Don’t Hurt Me!”.Then, Out of no where I feel a slight pinch on me thigh. The pain starts getting excroshiting. I look down and there is a 6inch blow poisen dart stuck in my leg. As i awake in above a campfire, I was captured by cannibals. How am I going to survive?

  35. megan w says:

    at first i couldent see anything exept the white fogg.I fell a few times once i swore i broke my leg i busted it open pritty good,but i keep going further and furtheer soon i could see agen it was terrofing what vi saw i will never forget i wish i could the things i saw you would onley see in nightmares for miles up as far as my eye could see there was dead bodys everywhere men wemen and children it looked like a massacure.No sooner than that i heard a loud screem i almost jumped out of my skin and the was terabule tit smelt like rotten corps.Then out of noowhere a man showed himself he was tall dark he had dead blue eyes and was covered in blood.I awoke in a small dark room it was cold and damp i was so scared then a door opened and a brighet light shiened in and i saw the man but that was the last thing i ever saw.NOW YOU KNOW WHATS BEHIND THE FOGG>> DONT GO THERE!!!!!!

  36. Johnny E says:

    As I Tied My Boat And Started To Climb The Cliff I WAlked Towrds The Clouds And I Noticed That, Every Step I Took Made It More Difficult For Me To Breathe So I Looked For A Easier Path So I Would Not Have Difficulties Breathing And As I Kept Walking I Saw A Big Glomeey Light And I Walked Towrds It And I Saw A Beautiful whit Women And As I Apporached Her She tolled Me That She New English And Then I Had Tokken Her Wht Me Back To My Home And Then I helped Her Get A Job And Form Then Where Bet Friends And Her Dream Was To Become A Teacher That Soon Became True…… THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. J.brewer says:

    During the climbing he couldn’t wait to get to the top. He could smell the trees and the sun, they smell like frsh baked bread from heaven. He has been climbing for the longest over 1 year. finally, he is at the top, its filled with water, the sun, the moutains, birds chirping and water falls. He asked hisself , If there really was a God, I’m really beliving it. Then, when he reached for it, he fell, then he started to cry becuase he realized that it was a morauge.

  38. M.Desravines says:

    Climbing up the cliff, thers nothing but fog. Me and my friends can’t see anything, we are terrified. Hearing a BIG BANG, we screamed, all of a sudden one camper goes missing then the next one and the next one before I notice it I’m the only one thats left on this cliff. I began to cry, thinking am I going to ever see my family, most importantly make it off this cliff. So beginning to climb down,finally reaching the bottom, running straight to the car and trying to get away from this cliff as fast as I can, but still to this day the mystery of my missing friends have been unremained.

  39. Ashley F. says:

    OH NO!!!! Is there anybody there there. As I climbed to the top of the mountain i her screaming. I get scared, i stop take a deep breath and continue to climb. As i reach the top i see nothing but clouds. Could i have entered another world? I take two steps forward and stop. I think im going crazy> I start to hear babies cry, screaming, and yelling. How did i get here. I sit on a bench that is next to me as i pull out a book and start to read. A man walks up to me and asked me for my name. I get scared and make my way down the mountain. I am never going up there again.

  40. tre s. says:

    It’s just over that mountain with the big cloud. Why are we going over there? I cant tell because I dont know Jimmy just told me to bring you over here. As we approached the cloud you can here tiny voices. shhhh someones coming. We steped through SUPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. noah c. says:

    Its queit ,to quiet. Ahh, wat was that who is there , how did i get this tattoo. ”I did it ”,said a voice. ”Who are you ”, i said. ”im biggy the silent tatoo artist i did it when you were climbing up the hill”. ”I didnt feel anything.” ”Thats why they call me silent.” ”What is this place”. ”This is the clouds were all the angels come you just happen to come up here because your nosy.” ”No thats not why”. ‘Well tell me why”. ”Get this tatoo off me first”.

  42. Brandyionna L. says:

    Thought the smokely cloud, there were tons of people there celebrating birthday, annvesriy, and the 4TH of July. They celebrate with drinks, presents, when they were celebrating for the 4th of July they had a lot of fireworks. The ”man said” it was like paradise up there in sky wre nobody had, that much fun in there life.

  43. Travis M. says:

    I think there is a new world behid the clouds. A new world with different type of people. where everthing is so peaceful and quiet. No violence or bad things just postive energy.

  44. Najhae.s says:

    It’s cold… Freezing at that.It’s soo quite it’s scary. I’ve never done something so stupid. I have allways been locked away in my room with my 8 little siblings all my life; I wish I could click my heels together and be home. Since im getting older I need a life and and adventure and its starting today after I climb this cliff.i kept going to reach my goal and I heard a loud grunt. I looked u and saw a man standing on top of the cliff. I was so attracted to him I climb quicker. He was strong and tall my kinda man. A warrior was what he was in my eyes. finally I reached the top and we spot me and he told me we were the only two people to reach the top and he knows because he can watch from is little shack from afar.

  45. Shanice.J says:

    As he reached over his last rock, he was in awe. Seeing ruins beyond ruins and land beyond land was so pulchritudinous, I couldn’t even catchh my last breath. It was sultry, but the sun felt comforting on my skin. As got down the mountain, I went to river that was bluer than the sky itself. It so pure and clean, I’ve never drunk water like this. Then, as I go in the ruins, I little head popped up from a door. I then realized that my adventure has just started.

  46. Cris P. says:

    He tied his boat off and started to climb the cliffs. He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud, but he climbed. He was shaking, bones cold as ice, and icicles hanging down his nose. He climbed very sloth like. Once he got passed the clouds he discovered why noone lived to tell their story. On the other side was a cliff and he feel to his doom!

  47. A,ZUNIGA says:

    So he climbed and climed unti he was inside the clouds. What he saw in that cloud was shock to him, alot of unkown creatures were right in front of him. So what he did was to take pictures and climb back down and tell the story of what were in the clouds, but something was behind him it was a ugly looking creature with sharp teeth and blood driping down his mouth. The man started running and running but that creature was just to fast and he ate the man and ripped in half, and the next everyone tried to find him but no one could find him. So one day another guy came to do the samething but he also got killed by the same creature. THE END.

  48. Desean D. says:

    Behind those thick, foggy clouds is a story that no one has ever heard. It all started when Ben climbed the cliff and left his book telling of everything he saw, ate, and met. It started when he left his boat near the island in search of food. His first encounter was horrible when a ferocious sabertooth tiger lunged at him through the thick bush. I know what your thinking, saying how is that possible but it is since this island is creapy. When the tiger lunged, it wasnt for Ben, it was for the fat,ugly dodo bird behind him. Now what I’m about to say the tiger actually talked and as soon as he did Ben fainted. The tigers name was Roger and he had a clan of his kind . Roger was starting a revolution against the jaguars because of the territory. Skipping to the end the battle was gruesome, bloody, and alot of animals died from that faithful battle. With the help from Ben the tigers prevailed and they took over the entire island in less than twenty minutes. Before it was over a t-rex growled and the end was near for teh entire island. TO BE CONTINUED.

  49. kimberly o. says:

    He tied his boat off and started to climb the cliffs.He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud.But he still climbed.He was wondering what was behind the big thick clouds.He’s half way there he starts to hear wierd awkward noises.He’s almost their he is tired he belive he can make it .But wait , he’s finally there he see’s a big creppy monster.He’s to shocked to do anything.So then he runs and runs and runs.He finds a survior they make a plan but then they go in a house and smell a very putrid smell.They saw hideious gore of people dead ..

  50. B.Mciver says:

    BOOM!. The loud stomps from enormous creatures make the unmoveable ground shake. Worst of all you can’t see ANYTHING!. The mist burns your eyes and the ground is slippery wet. You do the math. Surviving in this condition, with these hideous looking aleins, is very slim. Some look like crabs, others look like giant spiders, but they all have one thing in common. They all want blood. They came to rule the world and make us their slaves. Sike!. I will not go down easily. I will fight for my life and I’m sure you would do the same. The battle will not be easy. So if you think you have the guts to live, then come with me and we’ll break free!.

  51. m peterson says:

    He tied his boat off and started to climb the cliffs. He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the clounds, but still he climed. As he climb up the cliffs he found a pulchirtudinous world behind the fog. When he put his foot on the ground he felt warm sand. he walked into the fog and saw a colorful land. The land had bright colors and looked like you could never be sad when you are there.He loved the land all the food he could eat it was all to himself.He lived there for months with no problems. After a lond year there he became very lonely.He need someone to talk to. he got up and went climbing back down the cliffs. He hoped in the boat and sailed to his home land. When he got there he told his people about this wonderfull land. That afternon all the people and kids sailed to the cliffs. They all climbed up the cliffs. They finally got to the wonderfull land . everone was so happy to have this land to them selfs. That very night they had a cliff party. The people lived there for many years. people even says if you sail to the cliffs you can still hear them partying all night long.

  52. Damon H. 2 says:

    When he reach the top, he saw a new world that he always dream about. He saw a money on palm trees,animals drinking water,beaches,and a big house just for him and he was think that he should make a zoo and much more in this new world and he can make alote of money in this world and that he should call …………….. A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. T.Roberts says:

    It’s like his travel is endless. Ten days and nine ebony dark nights, just to see what is up there. Many people have tried, came back down paranoid,never the same, or came up missing and never saw the ground again. But him, something is different about him. It’s like he is to destined to see what is there, but no I won’t let him see what’s inside thy fog, my fog. He is becoming to close to thy fog, it’s my turn to interfere with this long, tiring, distraught journey. No one, I say no one will see my fog!

  54. Autumn M. says:

    There she was, the beautiful amazing Ms.Burroughs. She was as beautiful as a sunflower in a misty meadow. She waited day and night for the fine LL Cool J. Behind an enormus, unusual rock was an ebony , dark grayish color. No one knew who or what the mysterious shadow was comeing from, but one day a newspaper editor was sure to find out. Everyday around 5:30 was a annonymous shadow, even though no one knew who it was, it had to be something beautiful. When the newspaper editor had the courage to climb the enormus rock, he peeked around just at the top to find a red head sitting patiently, as though it seemed she was awaiting his arival. With great power, she ran towards him like a bull going for the red sheet.
    “Oh my gosh!! It’s you!!” she shouted, he looked at her, smiled, and they both went back into the cloud and lived happly ever after!(: Her dream finnaly came true.

  55. Z.goode says:

    As I climmed up the steep ,scary dark cliff I was wondering what was about to happpen. What would it be behind this big puffy cloud? I was almost there until I saw a huge hole! What was I going to do,I got it , I remembered when i was first climming it was another path.Uggg im finally up i thought,WOW! what is this place.Birds flying,flowers blooming,and sun shinning but but ………
    Why is it so dull and glummy behind the cliff but pulchritudinous behind . I ran around and searched for adventures , this is the BEST place ever.!

  56. brandon s. says:

    I probably know what’s behind that cloud, it’s probably magical city fill with lots and lots of journey behind it.I wonder if there are people over there.I wonder if they are friendly people.I wonder if they have some really great food.I wonder do they know how to dance.Maybe they could be aliens :0.Well I’m about to go find out.

  57. tkyra d. says:

    Finally he reached the top and looked through the clouds it was like………….Paradise there were clean crystal blue water,and a lot of palm trees with cocanuts on them the man said “This is a second Hawaii” and there were people welcome him to the island he had maids and they said he could own the island so he never left the island.

  58. Cervantes ,V says:

    I was watching from the boat and he kept climbing and climing. I thought about climbing up there myself but I decided I’d rather stay in the boat. so as he reached the top I could still see his shadow up there. so an hour later he still wasn’t down her so I started worrying and so I made the biggest decision of my life climb and risk my life or stay here like an idiot and not save my cohort. So I got some rope, my shoes and my luck. I was scared out of my mind. So I went up there and climed to the top and there was a whole bunch of people up there partying and having a good time. I was worried about nothing but at the same time I couldn’t find my buddy. So I went to the other side of the cloud and I saw my buddy sitting right there with some lady giving out money. So I was thinking that I was going to risk my life and possibly die but I didn’t my luck was good to me today. No wonder no one lives to tell the story, they love it up here so they stay for their entire lives. (I’m going home because there are no showers or bathrooms up here.)

  59. Marcus J. says:

    Behind the clouds are tons of familys that celebrate the 4th of july with trillions of clouds but the clouds only come out on the 3rd of july.They use to celebrate with fire works but they though nature would be a lot better for there family.Then when get home from the airplane,train ride,6 buses,and there when they seperate in there car rides then they go there different ways and go home.

  60. k grant says:

    The smokey fog, so powerful. I could hardly take a breath. As the fog diappered I saw him. The love of my life. Ken. I’ve been looking for him for the longest. Ever since the war, we have seperated. I strived to find him. We glazed into each other’s eyes in excitment. His arm’s wide open waiting for me to cuddle him. The day I have been waiting for. The day I reunite with my fist love Ken.

  61. jalen d says:

    after wards he went on to the mountain said a prayer then wrote a note to his loved ones. After he did that some one told that he was about to kill himself so the police came and he had to got to rehab for a year. When he was in rehab for a year he still tried to kill himself but he always got caught so he went for 2 more years.

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