A Who Dunnit Mystery!

Old Man Winter finally blew in this week!  However, there is a thief amongst us!  Students, your footprints have been discovered at a crime scene, which has stirred the nation: the theft of Frosty the Snowman’s nose! You claim you didn’t do it. Give your alibi and explanation as to why your footprints were found at the crime scene. (25 extra credit points – 2 paragraphs minimum!!)

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14 Responses to A Who Dunnit Mystery!

  1. kennedy g says:

    It wasn’t me! I swear! Last time i saw the nose It was where it was supposed to be. Can’t you blame a Rabbit or something, they like carrots. Now I know I’m probally the first suspect because those were my footprints. I admit to that. But blaming a CHILD!? I don’t even like carrots .

  2. Gerardo R. says:

    NO! this morning when I woke up to go to school there were a lot of police men out side in my neighbor’s house.It look like if they were in a crime scene and they were looking for somebody, because there were dogs all over their house. when I got to school my neighbors son told me that somebody had stolen their snow man’s nose, and he told me that they found some foot prints that were the same as my shoe prints. So when I got to my house there were two police mens, and my parents in the living room waiting with for me to get home this means that I was in trouble. Then my mom said to sit down and to say the truth. I was like what are you talking about so the police man start to interogate me by asking me a lot of questions like where was I that night when the nose of the snow man disapear?. At the end the police took me to the police station and lock me up for no reason; they took me there for seventytwo hours. In those seventytwo hours that I was there the police finally found who had stolen the snow man nose. It was my other neighbor besides my house so I was so happy that I was going to get out of there. Now my neighbor has to go to jail because he stold the snow mans nose. The next day when I woke up to go to school there was my friend waiting for me to go to school with him, but on the way to school my friend told me that the they give my neighbor twentyfive years of jail. THE END

  3. diana p says:

    One cold winter morning some friends and I decided to go for a walk around, even though it was so cold and there was alot of snow everywhere , we still wanted to go for a walk because since school was cancle we didnt have anything else to do around home.So that morning when I woke up I went to eat something for breakfest ,then suddenly the phone rings and I went to pick it up. It was my friend she told me that somebody had made frosty the snowman in the park.I told her ok and why is it a big deal, i seen frosty the snow man so many times,but then she told me you dont understand she told me he was build large and tall!!!!!!!. I told her ok lets go see the snow man.

    When we got there we saw the snow man but he was missing his nose . We looked around we didnt see nobody so we got closer and when we got close our footprints stayed on the floor.we tried our best to find his nose around there in case the air had blew it off , but nothing was there.Then the police came and tried to blame us for something that we didnt do.Afther i explained them how everything really went they believed us and we told them we wanted to help them find the person that really stole frosty’s nose.

  4. richard says:

    Frodty is missing his nose! i wonder who did such thing like that someone nice Frodty. wow my mom is screaming my name and she tell me to get upstairs. i said what mom froofty is missing his nose and they find your footprints. i said what no way i wasn’t even therei was at school come on . the police did not catch me taking frodty nose .it can’t be me was i school and i have prove and there my classmates you can ask the mom it wasn’t me mom . i was at school might have been someone else but not me .

  5. Ms. Roberts says:

    Forget it! No way are you pinning this on me! What do I look like? Some kind of sneak thief? Let me be very clear: I don’t have to steal snowman noses. If I want a new nose, I’ll go to the plastic surgeon! I know, I know—-it looks suspicious that my footprints were at the scene, but I swear it was all an innocent mistake.
    Despite the advice of my attorney, I’m prepared to explain EXACTLY why my footprints were there. The truth is that I WAS in the area at the time of the theft, but not for the reason you think. I had been out shopping with my grandmother when a great gust of January wind blew her hat into the street. As we watched in horror, it cartwheeled across four lanes of traffic, rolling under two cars, a van, and a snowblower! Without thinking I looked both ways and darted across the road. I had to retrieve my poor grandmother’s favorite Sunday hat. After all, what kind of granddaughter would I be if I stood and watched? The hat rolled across a field and landed at the foot of a large, abandoned snowman. I grabbed the hat, took one quick look at the snowman, and scurried back to grandma who was waiting at the car.
    As I said, I never touched that stupid snowman, and anyone who says I did is a LIAR! If you don’t believe me, ask my grandma.

  6. dasja says:

    It was on the last day of school before we got out for Christmas break. I was so excited to finally go out and play in the snow. I had so many things planned for Christmas I didn’t even know where to begin. After the last bell rung, everyone was filled with alacrity. We all ran outside where the snow was falling and the grounds were covered like fur on a cat. My house was right across the street from the school and in between was my favorite park, “Turtle Park”. I didn’t want to go home just yet. I wanted to go and play in the snow. As I lay there enjoying myself in the snow, I saw my breath as it wafted from my mouth into the cool air.
    After I lingered around the park, which was next door to where I lived, I got up and ambled over to my house and I came across a putrid squirrel carcus. Being that it’s my nature concerning animals, I decided to pick the squirrle up and bury it. After that was over, I went inside my house and it was very sultry. As soon as I walked inside, I started to sweat. My Nana had her Christmas dinner ready to serve, and I was ready to chow down. The smell of Cornish Hens slapped me in the face so hard that I got goose bumps. The house was smelling good, and I was feeling great.

    Moments later I heard some one screaming, “Where’s my nose? Someone stole my nose”! I looked out my window and saw my neighbor James yelling and going around in circles. I noticed earlier that he was buliding Frosty The Snowman. When I last saw him, he already had his nose, eyes, arms, and mouth on the snowman, but he went inside to get a scarf and hat for him. When he came back out, he noticed that Frosty’s nose was missing! All of a sudden I saw an investigation team looking around the houses for footprints. I decided not to worry about it. Later that day, a few policemen came to ask me some questions. I didn’t know what I was supposed to have done. They asked me specific questions about what I was doing in the park. I told them everything I did. I saw a sense of suspision in their eyes. They asked me if they could they check my book bag, and I said to them that it was okay. They didn’t find anything and said I could go home.

    Days later, the next thing I knew, I was arrested. I was so shocked! I reiterated to them over and over,” I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it”! They said I stole Frosty’s nose! I was full of dejection because I was locked in a cell for the whole night! The next morning, I demanded a lie detecter test. The consequences that happened were insufferable. I was angry and totally exasperated. The judge finally came to a deal. They said that if I passed the test, I could leave . I was so relieved! After I took the test, I passes it!. I was so happy that all the intolerableness was over and that I could finally get on with the holidays and enjoy my time out of school.

    Later that day, I’m finally home. What a relief! I went to my room and looked out the window wondering who stole Frosty’s nose. I closed my eyes and wished hard for a new nose for Frosty. When I opened my eyes, Frosty was alive with a new nose! I couldn’t even believe it! I looked at him and smiled. He winked at me, pointed to his left and I saw a little rabbit running away with Frosty’s old nose!

  7. Damon H. says:

    On a snowy christmas eve my friends and I went to the park to make frosty the snowman so he could see the children’s happy faces on christmas morning, my friends and i decided to go back to my house for hot coca and cookies to wait until 12am for frosty to awake, we headed back towards the park at 11 pm. When we got to the park frosty nose was missing so we went back to my house to THINK,THINK and THINK!. when we heard heard a knock on the door it was the police! one of the officers asked “can you come with us” They question us one by one
    Officer Reid: where were you about 1 hour ago?
    Me: We were in my house eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa.
    I started to get very nervous, I stood up and screamed I DID IT…..I’m the one who took the last cookie out of the cookie jar. Officer Reid looked confused,laughed and said we are trying to solve the mystery of frosty’s missing nose. I told the officer it couldn’t have been us who took frosty’s nose because we made frosty. I also asked officer Reid if her finds the nose to return it so he can come alive on christmas morning.
    When we was heading back home I decided to go back to the park to find more evidence, I spotted tiny footprint in the snow followed them to a big tree ,spotted a big hole and climbed in it to see if the nose was there.When I finally reach the bottom I found the nose. a chipmunk had stole the nose for food for its babies. I had called Office Reid and told him I found the missing nose and awarded me $300 for saving christmas and giving the chance for the children to see frosty the snowman on a beautiful Christmas Day.

  8. Jacob B says:

    Whats this?! Frodty is missing his nose! who could have done such a thing to someone as terrifc as Frosty the Snowman? “Jacob, get in here right now! Why did the cops call and say that you my Frosty’s nose?” ”Mom i didn’t do, it I promise. I was out with my friends while the cops where driving around the place were it was reported to hapeen at.” I belive you but, this better not come up again.

    Knock. Knock. As I stand there in shock, Frosty is at my door step. “I know You or your friends didn’t take my wonderful nose. it was that evil lady across the street.” “How could you be so sure?” Have you seen her yard? She hates Christmas, she hates me, and…..” Frosty look out she is coming.”

  9. Angelique P. says:

    “What?! Fosty’s nose is missing?! Well why am I being acussed I didn’t take it…” I didn’t understand exactly what happened to make the police think that i wouls take something wirth absolutely nothing. “these foot prints here are a good clue that the person was at least middle aged, we haad a thought that some kid would have found it funny to swip a nose from a snowman.” i really dont get why they thought i took it. “I have a question for you officer. When where these found and at what time do you estimate that they were made?” if i knew at least that much I could have at least prove something. “We believe that were made at, at least 12:30 last night spotted them this morning at 3:00.” “I was asleep all night long so theres no way-” “of course we could be wrong.” “that you are…” “it just seems normal that a person your age would do something this stupid.” Oh. My. Gosh.

    “Hear me out! The nose was stollen yes, but how do you know that it was a teen thet stole it?” Im sure a hobo of some kind stole the thing. “…” the police didn’t answer my question looks like i got the good. “Take another look cops, the trail contiues all the way to the end of the neighborhood. What reason would I have to go all the way down there for? Besides, look your criminal is right there…” and that was that. The guy that stole the nose was a 27 year old who happened to have very small feet, thats why i got accused.

  10. Sammy S. says:

    No! Yall got it all wrong I didnt steal Frosty’s nose. Yes my footprints are there because I went to go visit my cousin who came back from Mexico. I got a call from my cousin that he came to the state to visit. He told me to come over to eat some tamales. I asked my parents if i could and they said yes but i needed to put on my winter jacket. So I did. I headed out the door and walked to his house. On the way to his house I saw Frosty. I took off my scarf and i put it over his neck to keep him warm. But then a man bumped into me and took his nose.
    I told him to stop but he threw some snow at my eyes and i couldnt see. He ran and i tried to run after him but i couldnt because of the snow in my eyes. I still remember his face. “Tell us a description of this person,” said the detective. Well he was tall, light tan skin, chubby, he had a blsck hoody, and he stole the scarf i put on Frosty. Mom told the detectives I was innocent and to stop questioning me. They let me go but they said that they were gonna catch the person and that they were gonna inform me.

  11. jesus v. says:

    Oh..no! We just got done building the snow man and they stole the nose how theifs of yall. We look every where for foot prints in the snow but all we can find was our foot prints. We need detectives on the this case. But mom it was like 5min that we just builded him with a nose. I know but they stole the nose it had to be when we were inside for that cup of coffee. There was no noies. 5min later! There was knocking on the door. Ma’am i know who stole your snowmans nose. It was this short guy with a scarf and black pants as the describtion went on i found something weird.
    Its was werid foot prints but it seemed that this wasnt a guy it seemed more like a dogs foot prints.I think i know who did this our dog billey i went to go check out on our dog and there was the nose of the snowman. The nose was right there laying next to him. Case closed the end

  12. Jasmine B. says:

    Oh no ! Breaking news this week , has just came in . Frosty the Snowman nose is missing. Everyone says, the rabbit did it , but i know him way better than that and i’m here to crack the case. Some people blame the hobo. “Hey, rabbit, where were the night of yesterday?” I ask. “Like i told everyone else , i was out of town on a buisness trip” ,he says with his russian accent. (5 hours missing) Hey , Hobo! He runs as i approach him . “Wait I mean no harm.”I yelled. He caught himself in between an alley and a brickwall. Here , i bought you some food. Where were you the night of the Frosty Competition?

    Well , I was here , but i did see someone , he was short , light-skinned and very sneaky. Oh my gosh! how could I be so Clueless? I gave him 100 bucks , Get you self cleaned up i yelled as i ran back to the school yard. I knew you’d be here . Hand over the Carrot , bub. Never! I always win the Competiton But noo ! Mr. Alaska over there wants to take my spotlight ! If you give it to me now , i’ll Let you free. he hands it over , instead of turning it in she kept it and had maleovent thought to be continued .

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