Remembering Whitney

Whitney Houston

There are moments in a person’s life when an event happens that takes you rushing back to your childhood.  Today is one of those days for me.  Some of you may know that Whitney Houston has died – it’s all over the news.  I must be honest and say that in recent years I have not listened or paid much attention to news about Whitney.  I know that she has struggled with drugs in the past, and I always hoped she was overcoming whatever addictions she had – especially for her daughter, Bobbi Christina.  At the present time, there is no news as to how or why she died, but I can tell you the second I heard the news, images of my high school days came rushing back to me.  Whitney’s first hit came out in 1985 – I was a sophomore in high school.  My fondest memories are of my friends and I cruising around, stereo blaring, and singing, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” at the top of our lungs.  Yes, we were quite a sight.  If you’ve ever seen the video, I can tell you in 1987 when the song came out, I was sporting big hair just like Whitney and some pretty colorful eye shadow just like her.  I wanted to BE Whitney Houston.  🙂  I have many, many great memories, and I won’t bore you with all of them, but I wanted to share one of her songs that really meant something to me when it came out because I thought it had the greatest message ever – love of oneself.  I hope you will take a minute and watch the video.  If you want a good laugh while you are listening, just imagine your crazy teacher – big hair, crazy makeup – holding her hairbrush upside down like a microphone and singing, “Greatest Love of All” in front of the mirror because I PROMISE you I did that.

The Greatest Love of All

In case you’ve never seen “I Wanna Dance With Someone”, here it is.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody


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The End of Innocence

artwork by Amy Lindenberger and shown by CPSA International Exhibitions and Publications

We began reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.  We met Bruno who is 9 years old and by all accounts very naive and innocent of the madness around him.  The first day in the new home he looks out the window and sees something that makes him feel “unsafe”.   Recall a time when you finally realized the world wasn’t the greatest place.  What happened?  Was it something small?  How did it make you feel?  Be sure to be descriptive, so we can understand your feelings at the time.

***Because we are doing a different type of warm-up this week, this journal will be for extra credit-15 points-but you must give a quality blog prompt.  Two to three sentences does NOT make a quality blog response.

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Love and Hate

Love and hate.  Two words with very powerful but different meanings.  Describe love and hate.  You may use any words to do this.  You can use colors, a story, describe the feelings each brings, or anything you think might be useful to help us understand how you view these two words.

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What if????

We just finished the exciting ending of “The Monkey’s Paw”, and many of us had different reactions to the ending that W.W. Jacobs chose for his story.  Now it’s your turn.  Imagine an alternate ending for the story.  How would your story end??

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Chicken Little??

OMG!!  What has happened to Chicken Little??!! Can you tell the story behind this picture?  Be creative and have fun with it.

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Fairy Tale Apocalypse

An apocalypse is described as any universal or widespread destruction or disaster.  So imagine after a strange meteor shower, a fairy tale apocalypse takes place with fairy tale creatures from everywhere wandering and roaming the Earth.  What would it be like?  Which fairy tale characters are involved?  Little Red Riding Hood?  The Three Little Pigs?  Jack or the Giant?  Goldilocks?


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A Who Dunnit Mystery!

Old Man Winter finally blew in this week!  However, there is a thief amongst us!  Students, your footprints have been discovered at a crime scene, which has stirred the nation: the theft of Frosty the Snowman’s nose! You claim you didn’t do it. Give your alibi and explanation as to why your footprints were found at the crime scene. (25 extra credit points – 2 paragraphs minimum!!)

This blog post is courtesy of Write Out Loud.

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In The Clouds

Have your ever seen the movie “The Fog” or “The Mist”?  I’ve seen both, so when I saw this picture, I thought it would be an awesome journal prompt.  There is NO telling what is behind that cloud!  What do you think?  Remember to use sensory details and for good measure, see you if you can work some figurative language into your journal writing.

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Another reason to love him!

As if there wasn’t reason enough for me to love LL Cool J, check out this video he did on punctuation!  Oh my!!!

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City in the Clouds

City in the Clouds


Be creative with a plethora of details.  I want to hear all about your day in the City in the Clouds.

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