Hunger Games “What If?” #1

As I told you on Edmodo, as we work our way through the Hunger Games, I will be posting  “what if” questions for you to earn extra credit.  The extra credit will be worth 20 points per posting.  You are required to have at least 8 sentences, use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and your answer must be related to the text and make sense.  You are reading the book, you know the characters, and your answers should reflect that.   That being said, are you ready for your first extra credit opportunity?  These “what ifs” come from another educator, Tracee Orman, who is a big fan of Hunger Games.

“What if?” #1

What if Katniss’s mother had not become depressed? Would Peeta have found another way to connect with Katniss (since the bread incident would never have happened)?


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6 Responses to Hunger Games “What If?” #1

  1. Gabriel says:

    If Katniss’s mother was not depressed I think there would still be a way that Peeta and Katniss got connected because if they would have money Katniss, Prim or her mom would have gone to get bread and if Katniss had gone they would have met. Also she would have met him as face to face, yet not personality to personality and that would maybe even change the way that Peeta is acting like him being nice. Now that he knows that she was not poor he would have no mercy for her or he would not like her or even have feeling toward her. In addition it could have changed along in the The Hunger Games.

  2. cameron jr says:

    I think that here parents or family would do well.Her mother will have a job and her insurance will be good because she know about the plants.Also i think they are going too see each other agian.Then i think that they will be poor and they have to live somewhere else.Also their life would be very diffrent like they are living in the woods forever.Katniss will be hunting for the food.Katniss is going to ask Peeta can i have some bread.Also Katniss need bread to trade for some meat.

  3. Brandon says:

    If Katiss’s mother had not become depressed I think Peeta would have found another way to connect with Katniss. I think the two of them would have still met some way before that day when they were selected to play the Hunger Games. Their life was so different. Her family was poorer and made a living off the forest. His family owned a business. But Katniss family needed bread to go with the meat they got from hunting. Or maybe they would have become friends at school. He really liked her, so he would have made a way.

  4. Charissa says:

    If Katniss’s mother was not depressed I think their family will do very well. Their mother would probably have a job with health care because she knows about flowers and herbs. Primrose would learn form her mom rather than feeding and taking care of her. Katniss would be hunting with Gale so they would do better than they are now. Also if her mom was not depressed they would not have been starving and Katniss would not have been looking for food and get bread from Peeta. She would not have known Peeta because they do not talk at school and he was scared to talk to her. So without Peeta burning the bread to give to her ,they would not talk to each other each other.

    • Do you think they would have EVER gotten together? I would like to think they somehow would have started talking. I am a hopeless romantic though, so it taints my thinking. 🙂

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