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Where will you vacation??

You KNOW I love to read, and I read because I can go anywhere in world (or out of this world) depending on what book I have in my hands.  So….summer vacation is here, and I am wondering where might … Continue reading

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A Who Dunnit Mystery!

Old Man Winter finally blew in this week!  However, there is a thief amongst us!  Students, your footprints have been discovered at a crime scene, which has stirred the nation: the theft of Frosty the Snowman’s nose! You claim you … Continue reading

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Another reason to love him!

As if there wasn’t reason enough for me to love LL Cool J, check out this video he did on punctuation!  Oh my!!!

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Save a Life – Use a Comma!

You know how I’m always on you about your punctuation?  Well guess what could happen if you DON’T use a comma!  A Zombie Apocalypse!  Check it out!

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October 18th – “That’s My Job”

Pretend you can choose any job you want. What would your day be like? Describe your day. Use sensory details to describe a day in your life doing what you have chosen to do as a job.

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Even the animals love the blog!!

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Writing App!

You know how much Ms. B. loves her IPhone, and you know how much I love writing?  Well I found the coolest app last night for both!!  It’s called Writing Prompts, and it is so awesome!  The app gives you … Continue reading

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Would You Rather?

Something to ponder while you enjoy your weekend…I thought I would throw out one of those “Would You Rather?” questions.  I have the game in my classroom and love to see how everyone answers.   The question I chose comes from … Continue reading

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The end is always bittersweet….

Have you seen the previews?  Have you seen the news coverage of all the crazy people who went at midnight on Friday, July 15th for the opening of the final movie in the Harry Potter series?  Well guess what!!??  I … Continue reading

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Beach Bag Reads for FREE!!

I came across this link while on Twitter today and immediately thought of my students.  Now I know not all of you ♥ to read as much as I do, but I know some of you do, and I know … Continue reading

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