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Where will you vacation??

You KNOW I love to read, and I read because I can go anywhere in world (or out of this world) depending on what book I have in my hands.  So….summer vacation is here, and I am wondering where might … Continue reading

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Who’s Pushing Your Buttons??!!!

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Picture Poetry

I discovered a great website called PicLit.  PicLit is full of images to inspire your creative thinking.  Once you’ve chosen your picture, you use the gallery of words to either drop and drag to your picture, OR you can freestyle … Continue reading

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What if????

We just finished the exciting ending of “The Monkey’s Paw”, and many of us had different reactions to the ending that W.W. Jacobs chose for his story.  Now it’s your turn.  Imagine an alternate ending for the story.  How would … Continue reading

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Chicken Little??

OMG!!  What has happened to Chicken Little??!! Can you tell the story behind this picture?  Be creative and have fun with it.

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Fairy Tale Apocalypse

An apocalypse is described as any universal or widespread destruction or disaster.  So imagine after a strange meteor shower, a fairy tale apocalypse takes place with fairy tale creatures from everywhere wandering and roaming the Earth.  What would it be like? … Continue reading

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In The Clouds

Have your ever seen the movie “The Fog” or “The Mist”?  I’ve seen both, so when I saw this picture, I thought it would be an awesome journal prompt.  There is NO telling what is behind that cloud!  What do … Continue reading

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City in the Clouds

  Be creative with a plethora of details.  I want to hear all about your day in the City in the Clouds.

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a STUDENT??!!

Have you ever wanted to have super powers??  Well now is your chance!  Pick one of the super powers from the list and go to town! Use some gumption and write a story – not just a paragraph!!  Make sure … Continue reading

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I’m Watching….

Write from the point of view of the man standing in the door.  You should write in 1st person and talk about what you see, feel, hear, etc.  Be creative!

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